Shape our design proposals for Pelier Park

Closed 9 Sep 2019

Opened 23 Apr 2019

Results updated 1 Sep 2020

Please see here a summary of the results of the consultation carried out in 2019. We are carrying out a new phase of consultation in autumn 2020, and this can be viewed here




Pelier park has a ball court that is in poor condition, a dog walking area, and a children’s playground that has seen better days which is not very appealing to the younger and older children. There is some seating in the centre area but again this is not in very good condition and it does not feel very inviting.

Given its location, this park is not well attended; a complete redesign and new equipment to Pelier Park will provide a welcoming bright new space for children and the neighbourhood which will increase the use of this community space.

The new designs will provide a safe and bright area for play and recreation, appealing to more local people and improving the number of visitors into and around the park.


Why your views matter

Southwark Council Parks Department are doing a consultation on the suggested designs and improvement to the garden and play areas to make it more appealing to local children and families.

It is important you have a chance to tell us what you think and we welcome your feedback on the design ideas. Please see the three design options here before completing the questionnaire on line by 23:59 pm on9 September 2019.


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