Peckham Rye East temporary cycle lane

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Closes 24 Sep 2021

Peckham Rye East Temporary Cycle Lanes

Works that have been carried out on Peckham Rye East

Peckham Rye Cycle Lanes - Completed Works Plan

This leg of Peckham Rye is on the route for Cycleway 35, TfL's strategic cycling route between Bermondsey and Catford. This scheme helps fill part of the gap on this route between Peckham High Street and Nunhead Lane.

1. Would you support proposals to make the cycle lanes on Peckham Rye East permanent?
2. What changes would you like to see made to the cycle lanes?
3. Please say to what extent you agree with the following statements:
4. Have you or your visitors found it more more difficult to find space to park since the parking bays on Peckham Rye East were removed?