Parking in Southwark Park

Closed 19 Jun 2015

Opened 29 May 2015

Feedback expected 29 Feb 2016


Stakeholders have asked that the council carry out a review of parking within Southwark Park.

The aim of the project is to improve the parking facilities for genuine park visitors.

The review covers the road that runs between Gomm Gate and Southwark Park Road Gate, as well as the car park off Hawkstone Road.

What are we consulting upon?

Our initial proposals are to:

    - Introduce a four hour time limit for parking (except in disabled bays)

    - Designate parking and non parking areas including 4 new disabled bays

    - Enable enforcement against vehicles that break the rules (eg. overstay the time limit or park in obstructive locations)

Please note that we are not proposing any charges for parking.

For further information, please visit

What happens next

Thank you for your interest but the consultation is now closed. Further information and up to date decisions on this consultation can be viewed here.


  • Rotherhithe


  • Everyone who lives, works or visits the borough
  • Park users


  • Transport