Newington Trial Width Restrictions

Closed 3 Sep 2018

Opened 27 Jul 2018


Residents have told us, and our traffic counts have shown, that some of the roads in the Newington area have a higher than expected volume of lorries and other large vehicles using them as a cut-through from the major roads. This makes the local roads less safe and more unpleasant for residents and other road users.

We are proposing to install trial width restrictions - these are in the form of traffic islands that narrow the road to 198cm (6ft 6in) - to prevent large vehicles from using the route at several points in the area.

Following usual practice, we will allow several months for traffic to adjust to the restrictions - then we will repeat traffic counts and ask residents whether they feel the restrictions have resolved the problem. Depending on the outcome, we will look into installing permanent width restrictions.

The proposed locations are:

  • Kennington Park Place just east of St Agnes Place
  • Penton Place just west of Alberta Street
  • Braganza Street west of Doddington Grove

These locations have been selected to reduce overall heavy vehicle use in the local Newington road network. You can view a map of the proposed locations along with images of what the trial width restrictions would look like below.

Why your views matter

There is not a statutory requirement for consultation to implement a trial width restriction. However, we want to make sure the proposals we have come up with are a good solution to the problem, meet the needs of local residents and are not likely to have unintended consequences.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to review the proposal attached below and let us know what you think using the online questionnaire by 3 September. Alternatively come along to the drop-in session at Rachel Leigh Hall on 8 August.

Your views are really important to help us make sure the final design meets the needs of the local community.

What happens next

The responses to this consultation will be evaluated and will contribute to the final design phase. This will be submitted to the Cabinet Member for approval, subject to the outcome of statutory consultation.

Following approval, the installation of the trial width restrictions may take up to 3 months as any adverse effects of closing roads to allow for their installation needs to be assessed.



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