Lost Peck Flood Alleviation and Environmental Improvement Project

Closed 20 Aug 2018

Opened 18 Jun 2018


Southwark Council is consulting on the Lost Peck Flood Alleviation and Environmental Improvement Scheme. This project seeks to revitalise the area surrounding the historical River Peck. The works will be delivered within Peckham Rye Park and Common and will include elements of environmental improvement and flood alleviation, weaved together through an overarching landscape strategy.

Peckham area is at a relatively higher risk of surface water flooding. Our investigation reveals that under extreme rainfall events, up to 200 homes and businesses could flood and this could get worse due to the adverse impact of climate change.

The scheme proposes to use landscaping including mounds and shallow, well designed and planted ditches  to hold rain water in the Park and Common during big storms in order to prevent possible flooding of properties downstream. We anticipate this will protect approximately 133 properties from flood risk.

Some properties in the area have previously experienced sewer flooding. The scheme will reduce the risk of sewer flooding by holding back water that could get into the local combined sewer network and end up  backing up into people’s homes and basements.

The water held in the Park and Common will naturally infiltrate into the ground and excess water will flow back into the combined sewer network in a controlled manner. This will ensure all rain water held behind the mounds drains away within 48 hours of a big storm.

Along with the flood mitigation works, a series of environmental improvements are proposed across Peckham Rye Park and Common, particularly focused on the currently degraded and under-utilised areas within the northern sections of the Common. These include:

  • Improvement of the currently derelict historic ‘Donkey Ride’ area along East Dulwich Road, seeking to reclaim this part of the Common and create a positive space for community members to congregate. Proposals include new surfacing, grassed areas, planted landscape, informal seating, bug hotel, and possibly a short cycle lane to enhance the safety of cyclists. 
  • Enhancement of the underutilised triangular area of green space to the immediate north of East Dulwich Road, referred to as the ‘Northern Triangle’, in order to increase use and enjoyment, and strengthen connectivity between the common and the town centre. Proposals for this area include opening up the space and improving connectivity by removing existing railings and visual barriers, new planting to shield the Common from traffic and a themed planting strategy using bulbs and targeted native species.
  • Further themed environmental enhancements across the wider Common and Park including new seasonal planting and information boards, celebrating and recognising the history of the Lost River Peck.

These improvements will substantially enhance the look, feel and biodiversity value of these spaces, improving community access to open space, nature and biodiversity, and encouraging movement between the Common and Peckham Town Centre.

Why your views matter

We have to take action to protect homes in Peckham from flood risk. However, as we are taking the opportunity at the same time to improve the look and feel of the Common, we want to know what local people think about our suggestions.

Please take some time to look at the plans attached, then let us know your thoughts and ideas through the online questionnaire.

What happens next

The Flood Management team will consider the feedback from this consultation and use it to develop the detailed plans for this project.



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