Ivanhoe Road Safety Improvements

Closed 11 Nov 2022

Opened 17 Oct 2022


Tell us what you think about proposals to improve the junction of Ivanhoe Road with Malfort Road and Avondale Rise.

Local people have told us that this staggered junction can be feel unsafe and be challenging for people to cross. We are proposing to widen the pavements and create better places to cross on all three roads near the junction - this will encourage drivers to slow and make it much easier for people to cross the roads.

We also plan to use some of the extra pavement space, for seating, cycle racks and areas of landscaped planting.

Please take a look at the plan below (or the PDF version attached) and tell us what you think.

Image of proposed changes to Ivanhoe Road junction

Why your views matter

We think the proposals will make the streets in this area safer and more pleasant for local people and visitors. However, we want to hear if there are things that we haven't considered.


  • Champion Hill
  • Rye Lane


  • All residents


  • Community Safety
  • Environment
  • Planning and Regeneration
  • Transport