Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan Component Documents

Closed 3 Aug 2018

Opened 13 Jul 2018

Results Updated 28 Nov 2018

No adverse comments were received during the consultation and so the five Asset Management documents: Asset Management Framework, Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Levels of Service, Lifecycle Plan, Performance Management Framework and Highways Policy Plan have been implemented unchanged.


Last year we consulted with you on the Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Plan (HIAMP); a single strategy to bring together flood risk management, winter maintenance, road maintenance, inspection frequencies and how we report on road conditions that affect the spending on our roads. We set out a new approach, where more of our works would be part of a planned maintenance scheme, rather than spend money reacting to reports of defects. We think this will offer an improved overall highway network and help us fulfil our fairer future promise to deliver value for money.

Your views

You told us that you supported a risk based approach to asset management, prioritising spending in busier streets and agreeing that prevention is better than cure, fixing streets in poor condition before they develop defects. You also told us that you were keen to be consulted on the HIAMP component documents.

The component documents of this plan are:

  • Asset Management Framework: which sets out policies the council will follow to manage its highway assets effectively.
  • Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Levels of Service: which sets out goals and objectives, benefits and levels of service that the council intends to establish.
  • Lifecycle Planning: which explains our approach to the maintenance of our highway assets over their entire life.
  • Performance Management Framework: which describes our process for the measurement and management of performance in delivering highway asset management.
  • Highway Policy Plan: which describes the risk based approach we will adopt with regard to safety inspections and programming remedial works to the highway.

We want to know what you think about the policies outlined in these HIAMP component documents and if there is anything else you would like to be included in the plan we have developed for managing our roads and streets.

Please view the component documents below.

Why We Are Consulting

This step in the process is to consult on the draft HIAMP component documents and to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have their say. You can view the plan here.

What Happens Next

As you will appreciate Southwark Council receives many comments from consultations and therefore is unable to respond personally to specific issues raised. However all comments and suggestions will be considered to help inform our policies in these documents so we can implement them by October 2018.


  • Camberwell Green
  • Chaucer
  • Faraday
  • Newington
  • Peckham
  • Peckham Rye
  • Rotherhithe
  • South Bermondsey
  • Surrey Docks


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environment
  • Planning and Regeneration
  • Transport