Harper Road Healthy Streets Survey

Closed 3 Aug 2018

Opened 11 Jul 2018

Feedback updated 30 Oct 2018

We asked

We asked people, through the consultation hub and a street survey, how they felt about Harper Road at the moment, based on Healthy Streets criteria.

You said

You told us you liked the trial width restrictions but there was still too much fast traffic, which made the road sometimes feel unsafe. You also said that the area around the shops sometimes looks untidy.

We did

We produced a new set of plans for road and street improvements on Harper Road, and launched a consultation on these plans in October 2018.

Results updated 30 Oct 2018

The results of this survey can be downloaded below.



We are planning to make improvements to Harper Road, to improve the look and feel of the area for residents, businesses and visitors.

We are conducting this survey to find how people who live on the street or visit it regularly feel about it as a place to visit, stop, shop or travel through.

The questions are based on TfL's Healthy Streets approach, and your answers will help us compare this street with similar streets across London, so that we can plan future improvements for all our residents.

When answering the questions, please think about the most recent occasion when you were on this street. The questions should take no more than five minutes to answer.

Please note: If you would like to comment specifically about the trial width restrictions on Harper Road, please see the monitoring survey below, which is open until 7 September.

Why your views matter

We want to know what you think about Harper Road as it is now. This will help us to evaluate future improvements and assess whether changes we make meet the needs of local people.

Your data will be anonymised and only used by the Highways team for the purpose described above. However, there is an option to provide us with an email address if you would like feedback on the outcomes from this survey, and to receive information about future Highways consultations in Harper Road and the local area.


  • Chaucer
  • Newington


  • All residents
  • Everyone who lives, works or visits the borough
  • Businesses


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  • Community Safety
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  • Environment
  • Health
  • Local Economy and Business
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