Harper Road width restriction monitoring

Closed 30 Sep 2018

Opened 29 Mar 2018


We have recently installed trial width restrictions on Harper Road and Bath Terrace. These are intended to prevent HGVs from accessing these streets and support the health and safety of local people.

We are undertaking a monitoring period to check that the width restrictions are working and help us assess whether any further measures may be required. As part of this, we want to hear from local people about their experiences of the area since the changes.


Why We Are Consulting

Residents of Harper Road and adjoining streets have told us that there is a problem with vehicles 'rat-running' in the area. In particular, our traffic surveys have shown that there is an excessive volume of large vehicles on the route, which causes problems for residents, schoolchildren, pedestrians and cyclists.

We have recently implemented trial width restrictions (2m / 6'6") on Harper Road between Bath Terrace and Rockingham Street, and also on Bath Terrace. We will be monitoring these road changes to make sure that they are effective, using cameras where necessary and traffic counts.

Local people have previously raised a number of concerns with the scheme - in this questionnaire we are asking people to let us know how the width restrictions are working in reality and whether there are any issues that we need to review. 

Please note that a bedding-in period of about 3 months is anticipated in which motorist behaviour will be adapting to the changed conditions so we expect some disruption at the beginning of the trial.  


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