Great Suffolk Street Streetspace Scheme

Closed 22 Sep 2021

Opened 28 Jul 2021


Tell us what you think!

The Great Suffolk Street Streetspace scheme is a network of one-way systems that reduces through-traffic in the area by stopping east-west and north-south cut-through routes.

By reducing through-traffic in the area, space will be created for cyclists and pedestrians, encouraging more people to visit and walk through the area.

This scheme was installed in December 2020. Modifications were made in April 2021 with the removal of three ‘no entry’ measures to motor vehicles at Lant Street, Sawyer Street and Great Suffolk Street junctions with Southwark Bridge Road. This was to improve accessibility for residents and businesses.

The scheme was put in under experimental traffic orders, and it is now time to review these to see if the measures should become permanent.

These questions help us understand what your experience of living, working or travelling in the Great Suffolk Street Streetscape area is currently like - so that we can assess the impact of any changes we have made.

When answering these questions, please think about the Great Suffolk Street Streetspace scheme since 29th April 2021.


Why your views matter

The results of this questionnaire will be considered alongside monitoring data from Great Suffolk Street area to produce a report and a recommendation to either:

One: Make the scheme permanent
If the data and consultation feedback indicates that the trials are meeting our objectives, we will recommend making the current experimental traffic orders permanent.

Two: Make amendments to the existing scheme
If the data, consultation feedback and safety considerations indicate that changes can be made to improve the scheme then we will recommend making amendments.

Three: Remove all or part of the scheme
If the scheme is not achieving the benefits expected, we can remove all or part of the scheme (subject to safety considerations).

Since we want to understand the views of residents across the Great Suffolk Street area and from all demographics, we ask that you complete our equality questions at the end of the survey. This information will only ever be used for monitoring. We will not publish any personal data.


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