Introducing a Gold and Silver Standard to the Private Rented Sector

Closed 12 May 2019

Opened 11 Feb 2019


We are consulting on proposals to introduce a Gold and Silver Standard for the private rented sector (PRS), with a view to improving standards across the sector.

The PRS now makes up a quarter of the housing in Southwark, and plays an important role in meeting the housing needs of residents.

There are different types of landlord operating within this market: rogue and criminal landlords; inexperienced, reluctant or accidental landlords; and professional, responsible landlords. All these types of landlord require a different approach by the council. The council’s focus has been on enforcing against rogue landlords, with steps also taken to educate the inexperienced and provide support to the professional. 

There is now an opportunity to recognise landlords who already provide a better service than the one required by law, encourage other landlords to achieve a higher standard, and give tenants a better idea of the standard of accommodation that they should be offered.

We are proposing to introduce a Gold Standard for those landlords who meet the quality criteria set out in the document attached below. These criteria recognise good practices that go beyond legal requirements. Incentives for achieving the Gold Standard are also set out in the document.

We are also proposing to introduce a Silver Standard, as a midway step for landlords as they improve their properties and the tenancies they offer. The criteria and incentives for the Silver Standard are also set out in the document attached below.

Why we are consulting

We want to find out from local people, including landlords and private tenants, what they think of the proposals, whether they reflect the right aspirations and are achievable, and if there are changes we could make to improve the proposals.

What happens next

The results of this consultation will be analysed and presented to Cabinet for a final decision.


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