Frederick's Playground Design Proposal

Closed 8 Jun 2023

Opened 4 Apr 2023


Fredrick’s Playground is a former adventure playground, currently in poor condition and closed since 2020.  The playground is bordered by Chapter Road to the north, Westcott Road to the east, and a residential property to the south.  An access road to the Doddington Grove housing estate forms the western boundary of the site, with Pasley Park located north.

What you have told us

Earlier last year, we carried out a first round of public consultation on ideas to improve the playground.  This first round included a design workshop for young people. 

Basket swings, wooden tower and trampoline were among the most popular items of play equipment.  Nearly 60 local people (half under 16) responded to this first round. 

They also had ideas for seating, flowers and planting and for the playground to open throughout the day.  You can view the full findings here or at the bottom of this page.

Have another say

We now want you to tell us what you think of our design proposal, based on ideas you and other people gave us from the first consultation round.  This consultation is open to children, families and young people who live in the Walworth SE17 area.

Our parks team looks forward to hearing from you by the closing date of 8 June 2023.

Why your views matter

This is an exiciting opportunity for you as a community member to be involved in local area design as your ideas will shape the final design of the playground.  We want to create a playground that you can enjoy and be proud of, and to do that we need your help!

Please get involved and help us to make this happen. 

What happens next

In the summer, the results of this consulation will be summarised and published on the council's project webpage:

The summary will also be shared with people who would like to be on the project mailing list and have provided their email address.


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