Ideas for our next Southwark Faith Leaders Conference, 2023

Closed 24 Mar 2023

Opened 6 Mar 2023


Our faith leaders conferences are great opportunities to come together and build relationships, exchange information and learning, and explore how we can work with and support local faith communities to improve community life. 

Over the past few years, our faith strategy steering group of faith leaders and council officers have organised 'youth against violence', 'health and wellbeing', 'domestic abuse' and 'celebrating and learning together' 'climate change and cost of living crisis' themed conferences. 

We hope you've had a chance to take part in at least one of them, and found the shared resources covering funding and training opportunites interesting and useful. 

We would really like your ideas and suggestions, to help us come up with a new activity theme for our sixth conference we're looking to hold by the end of this year.  Your input will support our aim to to make these gatherings relevant and useful to your interests. 

With this in mind, please spare a few minutes to complete this short survey being carried out by our consultation and involvement team at Southwark Council.  We look forward to hearing from you by the closing date of Friday 24 March 2023.





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