Druid St improvements - Review

Closed 4 Dec 2022

Opened 24 Oct 2022


Tell us what you think about walking and cycling improvements on Druid St.

In May 2022, we installed segregated cycle lanes on Druid St, and closed Gedling Place to motor vehicle traffic. These measures were installed on a trial basis, and we are now consulting to see how well this scheme has worked, and determine what changes need to be made and whether this scheme should be implemented on a permanent basis.

We want to hear your views on how well the scheme has worked, and how we could improve the scheme, and what measures you would like to see us implement on Druid Street to improve the experience.

Why your views matter

The scheme has been installed on a trial basis. This means at the end of the 18 month trial period, we need to determine whether to remove the scheme, modify it, or install it on a permanent basis.

There are competing demands on Druid Street, with residential properties on the northern side, and businesses housed in the railway arches to the south. We need your feedback to understand whether we have balanced these needs from the different users, and to help determine the future of the scheme.

What happens next

The responses to this consultation will be evaluated and will be submitted to the Cabinet Member to inform the decision whether the scheme should proceed


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