Proposed installation of a bike hangar/s where you live

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Closes 26 Sep 2022


We ask for some personal information because it helps us analyse and make better use of the feedback we receive.

Privacy statement: Southwark Council uses your personal data to record your response to the consultation. Section 1 of the Localism Act 2011 requires us to do this. The council does not require your permission to process your data and failure to tell us your information may mean that we are unable to process your response. Your personal information will only be used by our highways team, and will be destroyed after four years.

If you are concerned about how the council uses your personal data or would like to enquire about the personal information we hold on you, please contact us via or on 020 7525 5000. More information about your rights is available on our website, or via the Information Commissioner (

1. What is your name?
2. What is your email address?

(If you enter your email address then you will automatically receive an acknowledgement email when you submit your response)

3. What is your contact number?

(We ask for a contact number as Cyclehoop may need this to contact you in regards to securing a space)

4. Which road do you live on?
5. What is your postcode?
6. Please review the map location of the proposed bike hangar you wish to comment on

A bike hangar which has room for six bikes and is accessed via a unique key

Arnside Street

Astbury Road

Aylesbury Road

Azenby Road

Bagshot Street

Benhill Road


Burton Grove

Carden Road

Caspian Street

Cherry Garden Street

Chilton Grove

Choumert Road

Cobourg Road

Crampton Street

Credon Road

Cross road

Cyrena Road

Dayton Grove

De Crespigny Park

Deverell Street

Doddington Grove

Drummond Road

Exon Street

Fielding Street

Forester Road

Green Hundred Road

Grummant Road

Hillingdon Street

Horsley Street

Inverton Road

John Ruskin Street

Larcom Street

Ledbury Street

Lynton Road

Manciple Street

Marmont Road

Marmora Road

Matham Grove


Oglander Road

Page Walk

Pilkington Road

Quorn Road

Renforth Street

Rotherhithe New Road

Rotherhithe Street

Rouel Road

Rye Hill Park

Silex Street

Stuart Road

Sunray Avenue

Surrey Square

Sutherland Walk

Torncombe Road

Urlwin Street

Vicarage Grove

Walcorde Avenue

Wolsely Street


Wooler Street

7. If you answered yes to hiring a space in the bike hangar, do you consent to your details being passed onto Cyclehoop?
8. If you are unsure or you do not support the installation of the proposed bike hangar please tell us why?
9. Do you have any comments or suggestions?
10. Did you find this consultation clear and easy to complete?