Cycle Hangars

Closed 13 Nov 2015

Opened 23 Oct 2015

Feedback expected 9 Dec 2015


Proposed introduction of cycle hangars

Cycle hangars are a secure form of cycle parking that provide undercover on-street parking for 6 bicycles in about half the space a car would occupy.

Introducing cycle hangars forms a part of the Council’s objective to significantly increase the number of residents using a bicycle as their preferred mode of transport, particularly for local journeys. This is supported by the Mayor for London’s Vision for Cycling.

Cycle hangars are designed to provide a secure on-street cycle parking solution and can only be accessed by a member using a key. They encourage cycling by providing a safe parking place to individuals who would otherwise be put off owning and using a bike in Southwark.

These hangars have been installed in other Boroughs across London as well as in Southwark and have proved to be popular with cyclists. The hangar has been requested by a local resident and each of the 6 available spaces would be available to rent for a small annual fee. The allocation of spaces would be on a first come first served basis.

Cycle hangars have been proposed at the following locations:

  • Cross Road
  • Crofton Road
  • Blackwood Street
  • Wooler Street
  • Manciple Street
  • Staple Street
  • Tabard Street
  • Burcher Gale Grove


A location plan for each site can found in the related documents section below.

It is important to respond to the consultation as your views help us to understand local requirements, whether you cycle, use public transport, walk or drive a private vehicle.

The photos below show an existing cycle hangar in both the open and closed postions.


Cycle Hangar in open position

Cycle Hangar in closed position


  • Chaucer
  • Faraday
  • Peckham


  • All residents


  • Transport