Cycle Hangars

Closed 5 Feb 2016

Opened 15 Jan 2016


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Southwark Council is consulting on the installation of a ‘Bicycle Hanger’ (bicycle parking unit) in your area. The unit, pictured below, provides secure undercover on-street parking for 6 bicycles, in about half the space a car would occupy.

Cycle hangar in open position

Cycle hangar in closed position


Introducing cycle hangars forms part of the Council’s objective to significantly increase the number of residents using a bicycle as their preferred mode of transport, particularly for local journeys. This is supported by the Mayor for London’s Vision for Cycling.

Cycle hangars are designed to provide a secure on-street cycle parking solution and can only be accessed by a member using a key. They encourage cycling by providing a safe parking place to individuals who would otherwise be put off owning and using a bike in Southwark.

These hangars have been installed in other Boroughs across London as well as in Southwark and have proved to be popular with cyclists. The hangar has been requested by a local resident and each of the 6 available spaces would be available to rent for a small annual fee. The allocation of spaces would be on a first come first served basis.

Cycle hangars have been proposed at the following locations:

• Abbey Street

• Albrighton Road

• Astbury Road

• Austral Street

• Aylesbury Road

• Azenby Road

• Bagshot Street

• Bath Terrace

• Beckway Street

• Benhill Road

• Bermondsey Street

• Bethwin Road

• Bird in Bush Road

• Bowen Drive

• Brook Drive

• Browning Street

• Bushwood Drive

• Carden Road

• Champion Park Estate

• Choumert Road

• Choumert Road / Bellenden Road

• Clement's Road

• Cobourg Road

• Coleman Road

• Colnbrook Street

• Commercial Way

• Croxted Road

• De Laune Street

• Deverell Street

• Doddington Grove

• Dolben Street

• Druid Street

• Ferris Road

• Fielding Street

• Gainsford Street

• Gladstone Street

• Grosvenor Park

• Grosvenor Terrace

• Grove Hill Road

• Heiron Street

• Hillingdon Street

• Ivanhoe Road

• Landells Road

• Larcom Street

• Longfellow Way

• Lordship Lane

• Machell Road

• Malfort Road

• Maltby Street

• Manciple Street

• Marlborough Grove

• Merrow Street

• Morecambe Street

• Morna Road

• Neptune Street

• Nutbrook Street

• Oswin Street

• Peckham Rye

• Penrose Grove

• Penrose Street

• Penton Place

• Pocock Street

• Pytchley Road

• Queen's Road

• Rockingham Street

• Rotherhithe New Road

• Rothsay Street

• Rye Hill Park

• Sansom Street

• Searles Road

• Seeley Drive

• Sharsted Street

• Sheppard Drive

• Thompsons Avenue

• Tresco Road

• Valmar Road

• Vestry Road

• West Lane

• Weston Street

A location plan for each site can be found in the related documents section below.

Interested in renting a space?

Should the cycle hangar consultation be successful then we will be looking for prospective cyclists to rent a space. Please go to the Cyclehoop website which contains detail regarding how to go about this process.

What happens next

The responses to the questionnaire will be analysed and taken into account in the final design of the proposed works. As you will appreciate Southwark Council receives many comments from consultations and therefore are unable to respond personally to specific issues raised. However all comments and suggestions will be taken into consideration before a decision is made. The consultation results and recommendations will be reported at the next local community council meeting in 2016.

Should you require any further information regarding the proposed scheme please contact Chris Durban at


  • Camberwell Green
  • Chaucer
  • Faraday
  • Newington
  • Peckham
  • Peckham Rye
  • Rotherhithe
  • South Bermondsey
  • Surrey Docks


  • All residents


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