Cycle Superhighway 7 Improvements

Closed 17 Aug 2021

Opened 6 Jul 2021


Tell us what you think about the improvements to Cycle Superhighway 7 in Southwark.

Cycle Superhighway 7 (CS7) on Southwark Bridge Road has been identified as a priority as it is a key transport route connecting Colliers Wood in the South West to Central London at Southwark Bridge. Since this route was constructed in 2010, cycleway standards have improved and we need to ensure CS7 meets this standard. To do this, we are working in collaboration with Transport for London, to make improvements along the CS7 route.

To improve CS7 within Southwark, we have implemented a number of measures under experiemental traffic orders in July 2020 including:

  • Additional kerbing to increase safety for cyclists on Southwark Bridge Road, between Borough Road and Southwark Bridge;
  • Changes to side road junctions to minimise vehicle movements across the cycleway; and
  • Increasing the bus lane hours of operation to 24 hours to improve bus journey times and allow cyclists to use it safely at all times.

The improvements aim to

  • Improve road safety.
  • Help tackle the climate emergency
  • Make cycling enjoyable, safe and an easy way to get around.
  • Reduce the amount of cut-through traffic
  • Encourage people to shop locally to help businesses and reduce car use.
  • Create a greener and healthier environment by improving air quality and reducing pollution and noise levels.

This is your opportunity to give your views on the improvements that have been introduced as part of Cycle Superhighway 7 along Southwark Bridge Road and neighbouring roads. We want to hear from everyone who has an interest in how the streets along this cycle route are used.

Please note that the Great Suffolk Street Streetspace scheme has a separate consultation, which will be open in August and September 2021.

Why your views matter

The results of this questionnaire will be considered alongside monitoring data from Southwark Bridge Road to produce a report and a recommendation to either:

One: Make the scheme permanent
If the data and consultation feedback indicates that the trials are meeting our objectives, we will recommend making the current experimental traffic orders permanent.

Two: Make amendments to the existing scheme
If the data, consultation feedback and safety considerations indicate that changes can be made to improve the scheme then we will recommend making amendments.

Three: Remove all or part of the scheme
If the scheme is not achieving the benefits expected, we can remove all or part of the scheme (subject to safety considerations).

Since we want to understand the views of residents across the CS7 area and from all demographics, we ask that you complete our equality questions at the end of the survey. This information will only ever be used for monitoring. We will not publish any personal data.



  • Borough & Bankside


  • Anyone from any background


  • Environment
  • Transport