Have Your Say on the Masterplan for Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park

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Closes 18 Apr 2021

Masterplan Option A

Masterplan A includes the following features:

Consort Park

  • New footpath through the back of the park. The path is shorter than in Option B
  • Grassy mounds reduced or reshaped, improving views and removing bricks and rubble
  • Poor condition play and exercise equipment removed
  • Old multi-coloured hard surface removed and replaced with meadow flowers
  • Entrance gates removed to improve access for people with mobility disabilities
  • Protected and enhanced nature, through planting and habitat improvements
  • More seating

Dr Harold Moody Park

  • A bigger playground with more play equipment
  • New play equipment made from metal
  • Entrance from Gordon Road removed, and a new entrance created where Sturdy Road used to be
  • New outdoor gym area next to the sports court, with several items of gym equipment
  • An additional table tennis table
  • Cycle racks
  • More seating

This design includes linking the parks by closing the end of Sturdy Road to motor traffic and turning it into part of the park. More information about this is shown later in this consultation, with a chance to comment.

Existing view of Consort Park

Above: View of Consort Park, looking south towards Sturdy Road

Masterplan A View 1

Above: This shows the same view of Consort Park; how it could look in Masterplan A

Masterplan A - Plan

Masterplan A - Key

1. Overall what do you think about Masterplan Option A?