Have Your Say on the Masterplan for Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park

Closed 18 Apr 2021

Opened 4 Mar 2021

Results updated 20 May 2022

We are consulting on the proposed final Masterplan for Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park from 20th May 2022 until 19th June 2022. Please find the consultation here

The results of the second public consultation held in spring 2021 can be downloaded here, and are summarised below:-

  • Consultees liked the improvements to make Consort Park more wildlife friendly
  • Consultees liked the wooden play equipment in a circular layout, with climbing nets being the most popular play item
  • Almost half of consultees liked the skate-friendly area, but it received mixed comments, with some concerns about noise and anti-social behaviour. The activity area was popular and consultees mentioned that children use their bikes in the parks. A combined activity and skating area is included in the updated design. The skate facility has been replaced with a smaller pump track that is suitable for younger children and bikes
  • 62% of consultees liked the idea of closing the top of Sturdy Road to traffic, and joining Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park together, so this will be pursued
  • Concerns were raised about the loss of 15 car parking spaces. The council will be looking at options for controlled parking later this year with a view to prioritising parking for local residents.
  • Some consultees did not support removing the entrance gates to Consort Park or the fence along Sturdy Road. The council has a legal duty under the Equality Act to improve access for people with mobility disabilities, and therefore the gates need to be removed. As we intend to merge the two parks, there is no need for a fence or gate dividing them. Instead, a native hedge will provide a barrier, as shown in the updated design
  • There was a positive response from consultees about forming a Friends group. The first meeting took place in September 2021 and the group are now constituted.

A single design has been created, taking the feedback into account. Young people, disabled people and Black, Asian and ethnicity minority people were under-represented in the survey respondents, and this has been taken into account when updating the design.



Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park playground in Peckham are in poor condition and need investment. With your help, a Masterplan for the parks will be created and used to seek funding to build it. We expect to deliver the improvements in phases, depending on funding availability.

We carried out an initial consultation in early 2020, and used the results (summarised below) to create two design options. You can view the initial consultation feedback here.

Summary of initial consultation feedback

The majority of consultees stated that the priority for Consort Park is to be more wildlife friendly, and the new design will protect and enhance nature.

Many consultees mentioned the worn play equipment and that children use their bikes in the park. The new design suggests improving the play area at Dr Harold Moody Park and the possibility of a designated area for skate, scooter and bike play.


Above: Dr Harold Moody Park playground viewed from the Sturdy Road entrance

  • Almost half of consultees requested increasing the number of benches and picnic tables, and this has been included
  • Consultees stated that they like the peace and quiet of Consort Park compared to the busier Dr Harold Moody Park. The new design for Consort Park includes enhanced nature, whereas Dr Harold Moody Park has more focus on play and sport
  • Only half of consultees feel Consort Park is safe. We aim to reduce opportunities for anti-social behaviour. Reducing and reshaping the grassy hills will increase views
  • Only a few consultees found Consort Park attractive. The Masterplan will help create an attractive park with high quality materials and features. A new path will provide access to the back of the park for people including those with mobility disabilities
  • Some consultees suggested joining Consort Park and Dr Harold Moody Park together, to make one park. This is a great idea, and the options show different ways of improving the link between the parks, making Sturdy Road safer to cross, and possibly increasing green space.

Join us for an online discussion

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to hold an event in the park on this occasion, but we invite you to a virtual meeting at 6pm on Monday 15 March 2021.

Meeting ID: 984 2429 4888
Passcode: 227201

Why your views matter

We want to know what you think of the Masterplan designs so that we can develop them in more detail.


  • Virtual meeting

    From 15 Mar 2021 at 18:00 to 15 Mar 2021 at 19:00

    Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to hold an event in the park on this occasion, but we invite you to a virtual meeting at 6pm on Monday 15 March 2021.


    Meeting ID: 984 2429 4888
    Passcode: 227201


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