Cheltenham Road Improvement Scheme

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Closes 2 Feb 2020

Cheltenham Road

We are proposing to make some changes on Cheltenham Road and at the junction with Ivydale Road and Kelvington Road. These changes are planned to make the area safer and more convenient, especially for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers.

Proposed changes include:-

  • wider pavements between Surrey Road and Ivydale Road, to improve walking conditions, encourage slower traffic and give road priority to buses.
  • junction with Kelvington Road narrowed to slow traffic and provide a shorter crossing distance.
  • disused driveway on north side to be removed and resurfaced.
  • bus stop on south side of Cheltenham Road to be extended.
  • bus stop on north side relocated.
  • new off-street loading bay on south side of Cheltenham Road.

We want to hear your views of these proposals and whether we have considered everything necessary to make this section of road safer and easier to use for all road users.

Proposed plans

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1. Overall, do you support the proposed improvements on Cheltenham Road?
2. What is your view of the following aspects of the proposed changes?
Footway widening
Junction widening and narrower crossing at junction with Kelvington Road
Removal of disused driveway on northern side of Cheltenham Road
Extension of bus stop on southern side
New loading bay
New cycle stands next to shops
3. What, if any, changes would you make to these proposed street improvements?