Champion Hill No Entry Trial

Closed 22 Oct 2018

Opened 17 Sep 2018

Feedback updated 11 Nov 2019

We asked

We engaged with residents and key stakeholders in September and October 2018 in regards to a trial ‘No entry’ measure in Champion Hill intended to cut the high volumes of through traffic especially as the road is part of a cycle route ‘Quietway 7’.

The trial is still live. The feedback questionnaire has been closed and we are currently preparing a monitoring report.

You said

We received hundreds of responses in 2018, including a range of very helpful suggestions. The majority of people (57%) within the consultation area were in support of the trial with 71% of residents in Champion Hill in support. Further afield there was less support for the trial.

The main concerns raised during consultation:

  • Accessing the main road is difficult from Grove Hill Road due to the banned right turn and will displace traffic onto other residential roads,
  • The trial will cause congestion on the main roads and unacceptable delays to buses and emergency services.
  • The trial will increase traffic flows in Camberwell Grove, also on the quietway.

A summary consultation report (Dec 2018) of the trial is attached below.

We did

A decision has been made to proceed with the 'no entry' trial which will be monitored using before and after data within a 6-9 month period. A comprehensive monitoring and evaluation plan has been set up to ensure that impacts of the trail are carefully identified and assessed, and if necessary, mitigated to ensure any negative impact is reduced. This is available in the "Consultation summary and next steps" document attached below.

The timescales are listed below (updated in Nov 2019; consultation on permanent feature to occur in Feb 2020 rather than late autumn 2019):

  • Winter 2018/19: Independent road traffic safety audit and final design of trial no entry
  • January 2019: Experimental Traffic Management Order
  • January 2019: Baseline data gathered as per final traffic monitoring plan 
  • Monday 4 February 2019: Construction begins (weather permitting)
  • Week of 4 February 2019: Trial to go live (weather permitting)  
  • February 2019 - Winter 2019/20 (9-12 months): Monitoring period, including settling in period and monitoring surveys.
  • February 2020: Results of monitoring analysed and presented and consultation on permanent feature
  • Spring 2020: Decision making- consultation report and recommendations
  • Summer 2020: Make permanent/remove/modifications/mitigation (subject to statutory consultation)

The trial will be carefully coordinated with the Camberwell Traffic Management Study (currently in early stages of the project) where possible to ensure joined working and a single purpose outcome of creating Healthy Streets for all in the Camberwell area. We are also coordinating with other road works in the area during the trial monitoring and construction.


We have some plans to reduce the through traffic in Champion Hill, to create a safe and pleasant environment for walking and cycling, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on a proposed 'No Entry 'trial measure. The trial aims to reduce the dominance of motorised vehicles to support Healthy Streets principles, especially as part of this street is a quietway, which aims to encourage walking and cycling for people from all walks of life.

Why the trial?

The council engaged  1179 local residents in October 2015, seeking their views on traffic and road safety concerns on Champion Hill and on measures to improve conditions for walking and cycling. The results of this consultation are available in a PDF document below. Residents told us then, and continue to tell us, that there is too much through traffic on Champion Hill.

Our traffic survey from 2015 (attached below) shows that most of the traffic on Champion Hill is through traffic, avoiding Grove Lane, Champion Park and Denmark Hill, particularly north-bound in the morning peak. The trial is intended therefore to restrict the morning through traffic, travelling westwards/northwards through Champion Hill to Denmark Hill, so that the area is safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling creating Healthy Streets for everyone in Champion Hill. We believe this will also reduce traffic dominance on Grove Hill Road around Dog Kennel Hill school.

The layout of this proposed trial measure is shown below. We are not proposing any changes at the Dog Kennel Hill junction as part of the trial.

The trial will be in place for 6 -12 months to ensure teething problems are resolved and impact carefully reviewed during the year.

What do we want to monitor?

During the trial we intend to monitor impact of the trial on the following:

  • Road safety/traffic dominance on Champion Hill
  • Road safety/traffic dominance around Dog Kennel Hill Primary School
  • Road safety at the raised table in Champion Hill
  • Access needs for local residents
  • Traffic displacement onto adjacent residential roads
  • Traffic on Dog Kennel Hill, Grove Lane, Champion Park and Denmark Hill 

How will the trial impact on local access?

Residents of Champion Hill and its side roads will still be able to enter and exit the area with both arms remaining two-way. However, northbound entry to the Denmark Hill arm of Champion Hill will be restricted so people living here will need to take a short detour via Grove Lane/Champion Park to access their homes via Denmark Hill.

Through traffic will need to take alternative north-bound routes and we will monitor the area to analyse any impacts on local roads. While we hope most through traffic will stay on or switch to the main roads, due to the banned right turn from Grove Hill Road into Grove Lane traffic may potentially be displaced onto the surrounding roads of Bromar Road, Ivanhoe Road, and Pytchley Road to access Dog Kennel Hill/Grove Lane. While we hope that traffic eventually adjusts to using main roads instead of residential roads, we will closely monitor the traffic, allowing for at least six months of settling-in.

How will the trial be enforced?

There will be a physical traffic island that will enforce the ‘No Entry’ restriction. Cyclists will be exempted.

Our traffic enforcement team can enforce no-entry contraventions.

How will the Trial be monitored?  

Please refer to the monitoring and evaluation plan, programme, and loactions of traffic monitoring sites, attached below. Traffic survey data will be collected prior to commencing the trial. At the end of the trial period we will collect further traffic data to assess the impact. Feedback from local residents during the trial period will also be collated.

We intend to start the trial in spring 2019 for a period of 6-12 months.

How will a final decision be made?

Following the trial period there will be a formal consultation with findings of the trial and evaluation results shared with residents. The results of the consultation will be carefully considered by the council before a decision is made to proceed with making the scheme permanent.



Engagement with local residents

Sept  - Oct   2018


27 September 2018

Report to Cabinet Member with recommendations

Dec  2018

Experimental traffic management Order

Jan 2019

Go live with trial

Winter 2019

Monitoring period

6-12 months 

Monitoring report on trial

Autumn/Winter 2019

Decision by the Cabinet Member to proceed to make permanent

Winter/Spring 2020

Make permanent/modifications or remove

Spring 2020

Why is your view is important for the trial?

There is no legal requirement for formal consultation to implement the trial as the trail acts as a live consultation in itself. However, we want to make sure that your views on how the trial might affect you are carefully considered at an early stage and that we are aware of any potential issues before the trial begins. We want to ensure the trial meets the needs of local residents and its intended purpose of reducing through traffic in the area.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to review the proposed trial and monitoring plan and programme attached below and let us know what you think using the online questionnaire by 22 October 2018. If you would like to discuss your concerns with us in person, please come along to the drop-in session Thursday  27 September 2018 (4pm to 8pm), Albrighton Centre, 37 Albrighton Road, East Dulwich Estate, SE22 8AH.


  • Drop-in session

    From 27 Sep 2018 at 16:00 to 27 Sep 2018 at 20:00

    Please come along to the drop-in session at Albrighton Centre, 37 Albrighton Road, East Dulwich Estate, SE22 8AH.


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