Canada Water - consultation on possible new zone

Closed 19 Jun 2015

Opened 29 May 2015

Feedback expected 29 Feb 2016


Southwark Council has received requests from residents to introduce or consult upon a parking zone.

Taking this into consideration as well as a planning application commitment to undertake a parking study in the area, the council has agreed to carry out a new consultation as part of a project to assess if a parking zone is appropriate in the following areas:

    - Gomm Road area

    - Canon Beck Road area

    - Canada Street area

We are asking all local residents and businesses whether a parking zone should be introduced in your street and if so, during what times of the day. Your views are important to us even if you do not own a vehicle or park in your street.

We are also consulting on the option to introduce a maximum duration of stay for parking within Southwark Park.

Further information can be found on the parking projects page

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What happens next

Thank you for your interest but the consultation has now closed. Further information and up to date decisions on this consultation can be viewed here.


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