Timed Waste Collections around Camberwell Town Centre

Closes 26 Jan 2020

Opened 16 Dec 2019


People have told us there is too much rubbish in the streets around Camberwell Town Centre. We want to work with businesses and residents to make it cleaner for everyone who lives, works and shops in the area.

We are planning to introduce a scheme to manage when rubbish and recycling sacks are left out for collection. This means rubbish and recycling can only be left out at a set time and is collected shortly afterwards. It also means that trade waste bins will have to be removed from the pavement.

Below is a map that shows the streets (and parts of streets) that we propose are part of the scheme.

At the moment there are no set times for waste collection so there is waste on the pavement most of the time. If we bring in this new scheme, streets will be clear of waste sacks most of the time and clear of trade waste bins at all times. It will also mean that we can sweep the streets throughout the day, creating a better street environment for everyone.

The FAQ document below provides more detail about how the scheme will work.

Why We Are Consulting

We want to find out the times when it is most convenient for you to leave waste out for collection and what you think about the scheme. The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

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