Camberwell Town Centre Public Realm Improvements

Closed 13 Aug 2015

Opened 17 Jul 2015


Southwark Council in partnership with Transport for London and Lambeth Council are developing plans to improve the highway network in Camberwell Town Cente.

Please use this opportunity to view the plans and provide any comments that you have on the propoals.

Camberwell is a popular and vibrant shopping destination and hosts a number of community services including a new library, a college, two hospitals, a magistrate’s court, and the Camberwell Green. The town centre is located on a major crossroads and plays an important role as a major bus interchange. However, operating as a destination, a major thoroughfare and an interchange can be a source of conflict as users compete for priority, services and space.

The road network is dominated by the A202 part of the Transport for London Road Network (TRLN), the A215 part of the Strategic Road Network (SRN) comprising of Camberwell Road and Denmark Hill and the A2217 Coldharbour Lane for which Southwark are the highway authority. The convergence of these roads has led to a motorised vehicle domination of the town centre.

The first pocket place project is located at Datchelor Place and is currently on site to be completed this summer.

Coldharbour Place will be improved by Lambeth as it lies wholly in their borough.

The works will consist of footway and carriageway upgrading and rationalising street furniture and lighting. The scheme has two programmes which you can provide feedback on:

A. Town centre improvements

B. Pocket Places

Subject to consultation and funding the programme is due to be delivered in phases from February to September 2016.

To complement these proposals the council will also be consulting on a small public art project and information on this will be available shortly.

Officers will present information on the progress of the project at Camberwell Community Council in November.




  • Camberwell Green


  • All residents


  • Planning and Regeneration