Camberwell Station Road Parking Restrictions

Closed 18 Mar 2018

Opened 27 Feb 2018



We committed to reviewing the existing bays alongside the arches on Camberwell Station Road.

People have told us that is huge demand for kerbside space on Camberwell Station Road, from business owners, visitors and residents.

The Council currently devotes a lot of resources towards the enforcement of the highway on this stretch of road. We do not believe that the current layout is working for any party.


Why We Are Consulting

Several repeating issues have been reported and observed on Camberwell Station Road:

  • Parked vehicles obstructing the footway, causing pedestrians to walk on the carriageway;
  • Trade and repair to vehicles being illegally undertaken on the public highway;
  • Parking in front of dropped kerbs, in unsafe locations and in ‘loading only’ bays;
  • Presence of untaxed vehicles on the public highway;
  • Congestion caused where the road is too narrow to accommodate parking on both sides.

As a result we are undertaking a new project to:

  • Prevent vehicles from parking in unsafe locations, such as near junctions;
  • Keep accesses to business free from obstruction;
  • Make clearer which kerbside activities can take place, and where;
  • Make enforcement of the restrictions more efficient so that genuine visitors have a place to park for a short time;

The Council is now proposing to amend the parking layout on Camberwell Station Road.

What Happens Next

We will analyse your responses to the questionnaire and the final decision to proceed will be made by the Cabinet Member for Environment and Public Realm.


  • Camberwell Green


  • All residents
  • Faith groups and organisations
  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Other local service providers
  • Businesses
  • Schools


  • Environment
  • Local Economy and Business
  • Transport