Camberwell New Cemetery Honor Oak

Closed 22 Jul 2016

Opened 21 Jun 2016

Feedback updated 28 Oct 2016

We asked

As part of the Cemetery Strategy, we are planning on preparing the old nursery site at Honor Oak (known as Area B) for burial. We asked what you thought of our proposed design & layout.

You said

We received 445 responses. 89% disliked some or all elements of the design and layout. A significant number suggested Area B should be developed into a natural green space that could be used by the local community and enhanced biodiversity, rather than a traditional burial ground.

We did

We have made changes to our proposals that better address your concerns and suggestions.


Creating new burial space within Camberwell New Cemetery at Honor Oak.

Southwark, like many other boroughs, is quickly running out of burial space. If nothing is done about it now we could run out of space by 2017.

To avoid this, the council has previously consulted local people on the future of the burial service, who said that they felt that the best options were to provide for the re-use of existing graves (for which there will be a separate consultation later in the year) and to bring unused land into use within our existing cemeteries of Camberwell Old Cemetery and Camberwell New Cemetery.

The currently unused old nursery site (area B) at Camberwell New Cemetery, beside Honor Oak Park, has been identified as a space we could use for burial spaces in the short term. Our proposal for this site will:

  • Make use of unused land in our cemeteries
  • Bring the area back into public use and make it attractive and accessible to everyone
  • Provide potentially up to 1000 burial spaces for residents
  • Include sympathetic landscape design
  • Improve biodiversity


Contributions are sought from as wide a range of views as possible to determine the most appropriate design and layout that is in keeping with the Cemetery's traditions and future use including through woodland and meadow burial.

This consultation focuses exclusively on proposals for the old nursery site, NOT any current or future plans for other areas of Camberwell Old Cemetery and Camberwell New Cemetery.

You can drop in and see our plans and talk to some of the officers and experts involved in this development:

A public exhibit was held on 29 June. A further exhibit will be held on 11 July from 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Camberwell New Cemetery Chapel

Brenchley Gardens

London SE23 3RD

In addition, hard copies of the proposal and questionnaire are available at the Cemeteries Office at Camberwell New Cemetery until 22 July 2016.

What happens next

The consultation is now closed. You can view the results in the Feedback section below.


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