Browning Street phase 2

Closed 9 Oct 2022

Opened 20 Sep 2022


Tell us what you think about proposals for creating a more people-friendly Browning Street.

We asked you back in July what you thought about the proposal for Browning Street. The feedback for this previous design proposal was that the majority of respondents were in support of the proposal and felt the designs met the set objectives. 

However, some concerns were expressed regarding the following: 

  • Seating enabling anti-social behaviour
  • Not enough greenery/planting
  • Need to allow local businesses to bring out their own seating
  • Need for clear separation between cyclists and pedestrians 

We have now tried to tackle these concerns by including the following: 

  • Only one single seating facing Walworth Road
  • Designated rain garden/greenery
  • Providing businesses the ability to continue putting out outdoor seating 
  • A wider raised footway separate to the cycle lane

You can download a plan of the proposed new design

Why your views matter

Now we want to hear your final comments on the designs before they are finalised. 


  • North Walworth


  • Anyone from any background


  • Communities