Athenlay Road Traffic Calming

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Closes 11 Mar 2019

Athenlay Road

Traffic speeds on Athenlay Road are frequently well above the 20mph limit. For the safety of all our residents, we need to act to reduce these speeds. There are two alternative proposals:-

  1. Sinusoidal speed humps
  2. Build-outs

1. What is your relationship to Athenlay Road?


2. Have you observed any incidents or dangerous situations on Athenlay Road? (e.g. accidents, near misses or examples of dangerous driving)

3. Which of the proposed interventions to reduce traffic speeds on Athenlay Road do you prefer? (Please rank, with '1' being your preferred option)

4. Are there any other suggestions you would like to make for improving the safety and accessibility of Athenlay Road for residents and all road users?