Traffic measures at junction of Macks Road and Alexis Street

Closed 26 Mar 2023

Opened 20 Feb 2023


Tell us what you think about proposals to close Alexis Street to motor vehicles on the eastern side of the junction with Macks Road.

This junction has been temporarily closed for some time for development works. The local school, St James' Church of England Primary School, have noted a significant reduction in traffic and improvement in safety for schoolchildren at this time. Motor vehicles were previously using this route to bypass the nearby signalised junction.

We are proposing to maintain this closure - either with physical measures or using cameras - so that motor vehicles would not be able to move through this junction, whilst pedestrians and cyclists would continue to have access.

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We would like to hear from local residents, parents and carers of pupils at the school, local businesses and anyone else who uses this junction - what do you think of the proposal, and is there anything else that we should consider?

Please share this link with your friends, family and contacts – the more people we hear from, the better informed our decisions will be. In particular, we often don’t hear from as many people in our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities as we need to, which means it is harder to fairly represent the whole of Southwark. Help us to do better.


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