Walworth Low-Traffic Neighbourhood road closures: Have your say on changes to the Alberta Street permeable closure

Closed 20 Dec 2020

Opened 2 Dec 2020

Feedback updated 21 May 2021

We asked

We asked you whether you would like to change the location of the permeable road closure on Alberta Street or keep the closure in its current location. There were three options to choose from which provided different access arrangements, parking changes and impact on walking and cycling.

You said

You said - You told us that the majority of respondents to the survey (53%) preferred Option 3, this is to keep the permeable road closure in its current location on Alberta Street.

We did

Following the outcome of the survey the permeable road closure has stayed in its current location. A further review of all the low-traffic neighbourhood measures installed in Walworth as experimental measures will be carried out in Summer 2021.

Results updated 21 May 2021

We are publishing the results of the survey carried out in December 2020 asking the local community in Alberta Street whether they thought the permeable road closure location should be amended.



As part of feedback received following engagement with residents on the Walworth Streetspace experimental measures, we are reviewing the permeable closure on Alberta Street. This is to determine whether it should stay where it is or amend its location so that it better suits the needs and access preferences of residents in the area but still meets the objectives of the low-traffic neighbourhood. Any revisions made following this survey will still be experimental measures and a full consultation will be carried out in Autumn 2021 which will inform a decision on whether to amend, keep or remove measures.

Please note: in the flyer that was circulated to residents in the week commencing 30th November, the map incorrectly suggested that Braganza Street was or would become a one-way street. There is no proposal to make Braganza Street one-way in relation to the options for this permeable closure.

To find out more about the Walworth Low-traffic neighbourhood you can go to https://walworthstreetspace.commonplace.is/about

What happens next

Your feedback will inform recommendations to Southwark's Cabinet Member for Environment, Leisure and Road where a decision will be made on which option to proceed with.


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