School exclusions and young people - have your say

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Closes 31 Jan 2020

Section 1 - introduction to school exclusions

Please only complete this survey if you have attended a school in Southwark in the last 4 years.

1. Have you ever been excluded or left the school roll of a Southwark school in the last 4 years? (before answering please see 4 different types of 'exclusion' explained below).

Fixed term exclusions

This normally requires the parent to attend a meeting with the school before the child or young person returns to the school

Permanent exclusion

For a school to exclude a child or young person they have to follow a formal process. The process must involve the headteacher and school governor.

Managed move

Where the child or young person is removed and an arrangement is made between the school and council to find another school.  Parents have to agree to this.

Left the school roll/off-rolled

Schools have to keep to specific rules before they move a child off the school roll.  However, parents and family members have raised concerns about how this happens and whether it is always in the best interests of the child.   A child being moved off the roll when it is not in their best interest is sometimes referred to as 'off-rolling'.




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