What should we call the new buildings on the Rennie Estate?

Closed 13 Oct 2022

Opened 30 Sep 2022


We are developing two new blocks of housing on the Rennie Estate which will contain 49 new homes for social rent.

You can read more about the new developments here:-

Rennie Estate

Although the buildings haven’t been constructed we need to select the names for the buildings now to secure postal addresses. The Council archivist, Councillors and TRA have shortlisted four names which continue the naming theme already in use on the estate (engineers associated with Bermondsey) and we would like to hear your preferences.

Hadid House Zaha Hadid was a British-Iraqi architect, artist and designer who studied in London and opened her own architectural firm in London in 1980. She bought the former site of the Design Museum in Bermondsey in 2013 to house her archive.
Lazenby House Elizabeth Lazenby founded a food company in Bermondsey that merged with Crosse and Blackwell in 1919. This is why Branston Pickle was made in Bermondsey for decades, and the name provides a counterpoint to Bryan Donkin (of Donkin House) who created the world’s first commercial canning factory in Bermondsey.
Kirkaldy House Annie Kirkaldy took over the directorship of the Kirkaldy Testing Works after her husband (William George Kirkaldy, son of David Kirkaldy) died in 1914.
Sophia House Sophia was the name for Isambard Kingdon Brunel’s older sister, Sophia Macnamara Brunel Hawes, who was famously described as “Brunel in petticoats”.

In looking for names for places in Southwark we have a number of considerations, including:

  • that there is a strong connection to Southwark or South East London
  • representative of our diverse community, in line with the principles of Southwark Stands Together, but also recognising that women have historically been under-represented
  • the positive impact of the named individual
  • that the person is no longer alive

Bearing this in mind, please use the form below to tell us which of the above you would like to see as the name(s) of the new blocks.


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