New Southwark Plan Proposed Main Modifications 2021

Closed 24 Sep 2021

Opened 6 Aug 2021


The New Southwark Plan (NSP) is the Local Plan for Southwark. It provides the overarching strategy for managing growth and development across the borough for the next 15 years.

Not only does it set out planning policies that will be used to make decisions on planning applications, it also explains how development will be delivered and it may also inform future decisions about investment in infrastructure. The final NSP will replace the saved policies of the Southwark Plan 2007, the Core Strategy 2011, the Aylesbury Area Action Plan 2010, the Peckham and Nunhead Area Action Plan 2014 and the Canada Water Area Action Plan 2015.

What is happening now?

Following the public hearings which took place from March to April 2021, we have proposed a number of changes to the plan that are called Main Modifications.  These have been agreed by the Planning Inspectors and will now undergo a further stage of public consultation. These modifications are what we seek comments on now. All comments on the proposed main modifications will be considered by the Planning Inspectors.

These Main Modifications are set out in the document called  ‘EIP219 Main Modifications to the New Southwark Plan’.

It is supported by:

  • EIP220 Schedule of Changes to the Policies Map
  • EIP224 Updated Integrated Impact Assessment (July 2021)
  • EIP225 Updated Equalities Impact Assessment (June 2021)
  • EIP238 Additional Modifications to the New Southwark Plan
  • EIP239 Consultation Plan

The documents can be viewed on the Main Modifications page of our website. All of the supporting documents, evidence base and examination documents that have been submitted to the Planning Inspectorate can be found on our Examination webpages.

At this stage comments can only be made on the proposed Main Modifications to the draft Plan, not the full draft Plan as submitted.

Main Modifications and Additional Modifications

“Main modifications” are material changes to the submitted Plan which are necessary to make it sound and legally compliant. Main modifications can only be recommended by Inspectors at the request of the Local Planning Authority. The council asked the Inspectors under section 20(7C) of the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act as amended) to recommend ‘main modifications’ (changes that materially affect the policies) to make a submitted local plan sound and legally compliant on 21 May 2021 (EIP233). The Inspector’s wrote a Post-Hearings Letter to the Council on 28 May 2021 (EIP236).

“Additional modifications” (minor modifications) are proposed non-consequential amendments to the Plan not necessary for soundness. These generally involve changes that enhance the clarity of the plan without materially affecting the implementation of plan policies and to provide factual updates. The examination does not concern itself with ‘additional modifications’ and these changes are a matter for the Council to make to its plan. It can be beneficial, however, if when consulting on proposed main modifications, the Council also publishes a schedule of its additional modifications for completeness. Additional Modifications have been published at the same time as this consultation.

Please note: this consultation is seeking comments only relating to the main modifications. Additional modifications are only included for completeness.

Consultation on the Main Modifications to the New Southwark Plan will run from 6 August 2021 to 24 September 2021 (11.59pm).

How to comment

As with the previous consultations, at this stage we are required to ask whether the Plan is legal and meets the “Tests of Soundness”. More information can be found on our website.

1. Is the Local Plan Legal?

A plan is considered legal when it complies with section 20(5) (a) of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

You may wish to consider the following before making a representation on legal compliance:

  • Whether the Local Plan has regard to national policy and guidance issued by the Secretary of State
  • Whether the Local Plan has been prepared in-line with our Local Development Scheme (LDS)
  • Whether community consultation has been carried out in accordance with our adopted Statement of Community Involvement
  • Whether an Integrated Impact Assessment assessing social, environmental and economic factors has been prepared and made public.
  • Whether the requirements of the Duty to Co-operate have been met. The Localism Act, section 110, and the National Planning Policy Framework, paragraphs 24 to 27, creates a duty on all local planning authorities and other bodies to cooperate with each other to address strategic issues in the preparation of the Local Plan

2. Is the Local Plan ‘Sound’?

As part of the examination, the independent Planning Inspector is required to consider if the New Southwark Plan has been positively prepared, justified, effective, and is consistent with national policy.

You may wish to consider the following before making a representation on the Soundness of our plan:

  • Positively Prepared: This means that we have objectively assessed the need for homes, jobs, services and infrastructure and these have been delivered sustainably. If you think that our assessments are not objective or do not take sufficient account of unmet needs in neighbouring authorities then your comments relate to whether our Local Plan has been positively prepared or not.
  • Justified: This means that the Plan is based upon a robust and credible evidence base. If you think that the evidence doesn’t support the choice made in our Local Plan or there are realistic alternatives then your comments relate to whether it is justified.
  • Effective: This means that the Plan is achievable. If you think that what we are proposing in the Local Plan will not happen as the required infrastructure cannot be provided, the groups who will deliver elements of it haven’t signed up to it or our Local Plan does not join up with the strategies of our neighbouring authorities, then your comments relate to whether our Local Plan is effective or not.
  • Consistent with national policy: Do you consider that our Local Plan accords with the National Planning Policy Framework, the London Plan, other policies or includes clear and convincing reasons for doing something different? Alternatively, you may think that the Local Plan should depart from national policy due to an identified and justified local need.

How will comments be taken into account?

The outcomes of the New Southwark Plan Main Modifications consultation will be uploaded to the Council’s examination webpage. All representations will be submitted to the Inspectors as part of the Examination. Following the Inspectors review, a final report will be published from the Inspectors, taking into account consultation responses received to the Main Modifications.

To contact us:

or call either: 020 7525 5403

You can also write to:

Planning Policy
Southwark Council
PO BOX 64529

If you find difficulties using the hub or you have any other queries you may email or write to us with your response.

What happens next

After the consultation has closed, the Inspectors will review the representations and write their final report. The final New Southwark Plan will then be adopted by the council. This is a decision taken by all councillors at the Council Assembly.


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