Impact of Covid-19 and Lockdown in Southwark

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Closes 17 Jul 2020

Your experiences

Tell us a little about your experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown. This will help us assess how widely people have been affected.

There is space at the end to give a little more detail about your own experiences - please do not request support here - information about support and services available can be found at 

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1. Have you or those close to you been directly affected by the Covid-19 virus?
2. Besides yourself, how many other people are in your household?
3. Have you been responsible for a school-age child/children during lockdown?
4. Are you a carer for an elderly or vulnerable person in your household?
5. What effect has the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown had on:-
6. Please can you tell us about your current work situation.
7. If you have been schooling your children from home, how positive have you found the experience?
8. Please rate your agreement with the following statements:-
9. Looking ahead, what is your biggest concern? Select all that apply
10. (Optional) Tell us more about your experience during the Covid-19 outbreak and the lockdown. Remember, if you need advice or support, there is information available at