About Southwark 2030

Closed 31 Mar 2023

Opened 16 Jan 2023


Southwark is the most fantastic place, filled with inspiring, passionate and caring people. We are lucky that, as an inner London borough, we attract world-class employers, organisations and cultural institutions here, and they in turn create jobs, bring in funding, and help make Southwark a great place to live and visit.

However, in common with the rest of our city we are also a place of contrast. While so many thrive, others struggle. Inequalities in health, income and access to opportunities remain, despite efforts to reduce them. Through two crises – COVID-19 and cost of living – we have seen the disproportionate impact on some of our residents, especially those from Black and ethnic minority communities, and those on lower incomes.

We have also seen, however, the incredible spirit of local people, and the desire to come together to find solutions and help others. Over the last few years we have worked together to support people through really challenging times as we faced the COVID-19 pandemic and the cost of living crisis. We have also made great strides in improving our borough for everyone, driving up standards in education, building thousands of new homes for local people, and nurturing our parks and open spaces, As we look ahead to the future, we - the council, community groups, businesses and local organisations - want our borough to be ready to grasp every opportunity, and strong enough to weather any future crises.

We are launching Southwark 2030 to come together to set our shared ambitions for our borough. We want local people, community groups, businesses and public services to share their ambitions and hopes, so we that we can work together to deliver the very best, and overcome any barriers.

We already know, from talking to you over the years, that you care about clean air; green spaces; good quality homes that local people can afford; safer streets and estates; opportunities for people young and old to thrive; and about your local neighbourhood being a great place to live. Now we want to talk, together, about how we can best achieve those things and more. We want to develop a shared vision for Southwark 2030, and a plan to get there.

Will you come with us?


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