A new economic strategy for Southwark

Closed 21 Jan 2022

Opened 15 Nov 2021


Over the past decade Southwark's economy has grown and prospered, with more jobs, more businesses and more people in work. We have cemented our reputation as a business friendly borough, with over 70,000 new jobs created. Over the same period, working with our partners we have supported over 10,000 residents into work and created 4,000 apprenticeships.

Nonetheless, we are acutely aware of the persistent economic and social inequalities in Southwark, which have been highlighted further and sadly reinforced by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Through Southwark Stands Together we have explored with our communities the impact of long-standing structural inequalities on Black, Asian and minority ethnic residents and businesses in Southwark and are transforming the way Southwark designs and delivers services, while championing an anti-racist agenda. The climate emergency also now demands that we reimagine what economic wellbeing means for present and future generations. 

We want Southwark's economy to be fairer, greener and more resilient. With so much still to be done, the council is now beginning a review of its economic strategy. We are inviting your views on the challenges currently facing our economy and the steps we need to take to achieve our ambition of a fair, green and resilient economy in Southwark.

Why your views matter

We welcome views from all our stakeholders and communities, particularly those with lived experience of working within the Southwark economy, as a business, resident, educational or community organisation.  Each contribution will help to shape the council's response to the challenges facing Southwark's economy for the coming years.

What happens next

Thank you for all your contributions to this consultation. The responses will be analysed and will help to shape the development of a new economic strategy for Southwark.  


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