Supporting sustainable adult social care - Have you say on amendments to the Fairer Contributions Policy

Closed 17 Jan 2020

Opened 25 Oct 2019


In 2015 Southwark Council introduced a new charging policy, called Southwark’s Fairer Contribution Policy, which was implemented in April 2016. Southwark Council is now reviewing this policy and we want to hear what you think.

The funding of adult social care is a national concern, and it requires financial contributions from service users to make it financially viable at a local level. As a council we want to make sure that everyone who needs care can access it and our processes are as transparent as possible.

Southwark’s Fairer Contribution Policy provides guidance to staff and residents on how the council will assess a resident’s ability to pay for their social care, the contribution they need to make, and how we will collect this contribution.

We are carrying out this review because we want to: 

  • Make charging and assessment process more transparent
  • Meet the needs of people who need social care now, and in the future
  • Protect the most vulnerable individuals against prohibitive costs
  • Improve communication with Southwark residents on this often complicated area
  • Help individuals access the right services at the right time to maintain and/or improve their wellbeing


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  • All residents
  • Disabled people
  • Health service users
  • Service users
  • Older people
  • Carers
  • Community and voluntary groups
  • Local groups and organisations
  • Other local service providers


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