Proposal to remove the Direct Debit discount scheme

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Closes 12 Feb 2021


This survey asks your views on proposals to change Southwark’s Fairer Contribution Policy.

While the council has a statutory power to charge for adult social care as detailed within the Care Act 2014 and accompanying statutory guidance, we understand that this is a complex area.


Related Information

The Care Act 2014 amended the guidance to local authorities on how they could charge for Adult Social Care. The council consulted on, and the council's cabinet signed off a new charging policy in 2015, this was updated in April 2020. One of the elements due for an update was an element on the direct debit discount and it was agreed to conduct a further consultation on this.

1. Please identify which option most accurately describes you:
2. Have you paid for non residential care via direct debit?
3. If you live in Southwark, what is your postcode?