Nursing Care Charter - staff

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Closes 30 Oct 2020

Section 1 - Southwark - Nursing Care Questions

1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements about your work:
2. Have you had any training, learning or development in the last 12 months? (Please do not include mandatory training)
3. What training styles have you accessed in the last 12 months?
4. What training styles would you like to see more of?
5. Are you provided with free training in work time with cover to enable you to attend?
6. What type of training would you like to see more of? Please tick all that apply
7. What type of contract are you on?
8. If you are on a zero-based contract, would some of these alternatives be more attractive to you?
9. How often you are informed about your rota and shift patterns?
10. Does this frequency work for you? If no, please explain why?
11. If your shift is more than 4 hours, do you get a break?
12. Please share the most important thing that your organisation did to support you during the coronavirus outbreak.
13. In the event of another coronavirus outbreak, what concerns you the most? What action can the care home can take to manage this?